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Where children come FIRST!

What is Ready Start?
Ready Start Networks (RSNs) build on Louisiana’s success by bringing local community members together to create, implement, and support early childhood to address challenges. RSNs are committed to creating and implementing a bold local vision for early childhood and are driven by a community’s need to improve opportunities and inspire change for children birth to age five.


  • Monica Coates
    Director of Early Childhood Education
  • Natalie Andrews
    Early Childhood Coordinator - CPPK - PK4
  • Cynthia Platt
    Early Childhood Coordinator - Early Intervention PK3/PK4
  • Ashly Roberts
    Early Childhood Coordinator - KECC / Head Start PK3
  • Kelly Bassett
    PreK - Teacher
  • Melissa Burris
    PreK - Teacher
  • Krissy Jolly
    Head Start - Teacher
  • Abby Jones
    PreK - Teacher
  • Victoria Nugent
    PreK - Teacher
  • Brittany Whitten
    PreK - Teacher
  • Jameeka Williams
    Head Start - Teacher


What if my child turns 4 in October, can they attend Pre-K?
Can any 3 year old child enroll in the PK3/Head Start program at Kelly Early Childhood Center?
If my child turns 3 during the school year, may I apply for a PK3/Head Start seat?